How to Operate Cyansky K3-I8 IR Illuminator Flashlight?

How to Operate Cyansky K3-I8 IR Illuminator Flashlight?

CYANSKY K3-I8 is a high-power 350 meters long-range IR illuminator flashlight designed with the easy operation one tail switch. Please remove the insulation film between the tail cap and battery negative pole before use.

Infrared light is invisible by naked eyes and the light will shine through the NVG (Night Vision Goggle).

Operation Instructions

Power On/Off:

The power on/off operation of K3-I8 IR illuminator flashlight is simple. Just fully press the tail switch to constantly turn on the flashlight and press again for off.

You can also tap for momentary on as signals to your mate or for help.

Low-voltage downshift:

When the voltage is too low, the K3-I8 infrared flashlight will automatically step down to a lower brightness level till the battery runs out.

Discharging Curve

ir illuminator flashlight


  1. If the IR illuminator flashlight will not be used for an extended period, remove the battery.
  2. Strictly prohibited for children’s operation.
  3. Do not put the flashlight with the Li-ion battery in it into the fire, otherwise, it will explode.
  4. Do not put the flashlight with the battery cover opened into the water.
  5. Do not reverse the positive and negative of the Li-ion battery or your separate battery.

Warning: IR is invisible to naked eyes. Please unscrew the tail of the IR flashlight by a half-turn to avoid accidental power-on.

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