Cyansky LED Flashlight Discount For Thanksgiving Day

We should always keep a thankful heart, and live a life of thanksgiving. Who do you think is the most thankworthy person in your life?

More and more customers are inquiring when Cyansky Light will have discounts for the unique flashlights and headlamps. They are really high-performance lights for personal use and as a gift for family and friends. The good news is coming.

EDC flashlight thanksgiving gifts

To meet the requirements of our customers, with the arrival of Thanksgiving Day, Cyansky Light gives considerable discounts for all our customers around the world from Nov 1st to 27th, 2021. Thus, you can enjoy the discount as a gift for your partner, your family, your friends, or your staff...

20% Discount: Cyansky Light gives 20% discount for all the EDC tactical flashlights, including Cyansky K3, P25, P20. 

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10% Discount + M2 Keychain Light: 10% discount for all the other products. One free M2 keychain flashlight for order amount over $200.

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Why Do We Recommend EDC Tactical Flashlights?

EDC Tactical Flashlights help save your time or even keep you safe and round in an unexpected emergency, which are the most practical gifts to help yourself or the person being thanked. See what a tactical flashlight for personal use can do.

  • Stop a Would-attacker - Night Lighting to Prevent a Would-attacker Coming Close
  • Emergency Use - Long-lasting Lighting for An Unexpected Light-Out Situation
  • Blind the Attacker - Tactical Momentary-on to Bind the Attacker Temporarily
  • Signal Delivery - Flashlight Momentary-on or Strobe Mode as Signals for Help
  • Bucha Effect -  Bucha Effect caused by Flashlight Strobe Disorients an Assailant
  • Tactical Survival - Combat an Attacker or Break Windows or Doors with the Rigid Head

What Makes An EDC Flashlight Tactical?

Things change a lot with the advent of LED technology and longer-lasting and rechargeable batteries, thus tactical flashlights are not only for the military and police anymore. They have evolved to become smaller, compacter, brighter and tougher, no matter for professional or personal use. What makes an EDC flashlight tactical? Let's find more about personal use EDC tactical flashlights features here.

  • High Output
  • Tactical tail switch
  • Compact and Portable
  • Multiple Modes / Brightness Settings
  • Long-lasting and Rechargeable
  • Harsh Environments Adaptable

Cyansky Light researches and develops one of the best LED tactical flashlights with high-level features: high lumens, long beam distance, wide-angle high brightness floodlight, narrow-angle long-range spotlight, Stobe mode, zirconium bezel (Cyansky K3 Equipped) for tactical application.

Comparison of Cyansky EDC Tactical Flashlights

You now have a better understanding of what Cyansky EDC tactical flashlights bring you. Are you ready to enjoy the discount, shopping the EDC tactical flashlights as a gift to your partner, your family, your friends, and even your staff?

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For other models, like hunting flashlights, mini EDC flashlights, LED headlamps, and even the flashlight accessories, we give a 10% discount for the products for the special Thanksgiving Day. What's more, an M2 keychain flashlight is sent for free for all orders over $200.

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You can't imagine the discount we offer for bulk orders because we have much more advantages to save cost, time and keep the same high quality. Why choose Cyansky Light for wholesaling or distributing?

Why Choose Cyansky Light?

  • Considerable Design
From appearance to performance, Cyansky Light innovates and designs LED flashlights & headlamps considerably, ensuring the best performance to size ratio, to help you with the most practical lighting problems at night.
  • Integrated Supplier Management System
Cyansky Light integrates all the material suppliers, from metal housing, CNC processing, LED carrying board, circuit board, to other ecosystem plastic parts. All the coming material must meet Cyansky standard.
  • High Performance
All the LED flashlights & headlamps feature great heat dissipation, best performance to size ratio, IPX8 Waterproof, 2-meter Impact Resistance and -30~50℃ working temperature, with 5-year lifetime.
  • Top LED Flashlight & Headlamp Brand and Supplier

Not only the designer and manufacturer, but Cyansky focuses being the top LED flashlight and headlamp supplier in the world, for hunters, police and personal tactical use, outdoor activities, and collections.

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