How to Operate Cyansky H3 multi-color hunting torch?

How to Operate Cyansky H3 hunting flashlight?

Cyansky H3 is the multi-color hunting flashlight built in new flashlight technology. Please remove the insulation film (between the tail cap and battery negative pole) once receiving the flashlight.

Operation Instructions

Power On/Off:
Tap the tactical switch for momentary-on and release for off. Press the tactical switch to turn on or off the hunting flashlight.

Output Selection:
Single-click the side switch for different outputs when the light is on.

Change the light color:
Turning the rotating ring on the neck can quickly switch among white light, red light and green light for predators hunting when the light is on.

Mode Memory:
When the light is turned on, it will automatically go to the last selected brightness level before power off. Strobe mode will not be memorized.

Overheat Protection:
The intelligent circuit of Cyansky H3 multi-color hunting torch offers overheating protection from both time and temperature. When the light worked at the Turbo mode(1300 lumens) for 5 minutes, it will automatically switch down to 800 lumens to avoid overheating.
When the heat is over the safety data, the output will automatically step down to reduce the temperature, when the temperature is lower than the safety value, the output will gradually increase.

Low-voltage Warning:
When the voltage is lower than 3.0V, the light will flash 3 times every 5 minutes to remind battery replacement.

Low-voltage downshift:
When the voltage is lower than 3.0V, the flashlight will step down automatically to a lower brightness level till Eco output. The LED flashlight will not turn off until the battery runs out.

Discharging Curve

Cyansky H3 hunting torch light discharging curve


1. If the LED hunting torch light will not be used for an extended period, remove the battery from the flashlight, or the light could be damaged by electrolyte leakage or battery explosion.
2. This flashlight is designed specially for hunters, as well as the general lighting. Children use the this flashlight must under the guidance of adults.
3. The high output hunting flashlight is a high-intensity lighting device capable of causing eye damage to the user. Avoid shining the flashlight directly into anyone’s eyes.
4. Do not put the flashlight with battery in it into the fire, otherwise it will explode.
5. Do not put the flashlight with the battery cover opened into the water.
6. Do not reverse the positive and negative of the battery.