How does an IR Illuminator Flashlight work?

Most of the lights can be seen by our eyes, but infrared light is hidden. Why? And the people who use the IR illuminator flashlight can still see clear in the dark. This may be another doubt from you. Technology will tell you how does an IR illuminator flashlight work?

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Invisible Infrared Light

Humans can only see certain wavelengths in what is known as the electromagnetic spectrum. While, infrared is emitted in wavelengths that are beyond the human visible range. The light that can be seen by the human eye is referred to as visible light. 490(THz) is usually the lowest frequency visible and 750nm is the longest wavelength visible to the human eye. This is where infrared light starts, any light beyond these dimensions will fall under infrared.

850nm VS 940nm IR LED

Visible wavelength is roughly from 400nm(close to purple and blue) to 700nm(close to red). Above 700nm normally we can say it's infrared or short for IR. What’s the difference between the most common 850nm and 940nm LEDs.

850nm IR LED: more like standard wavelength for CCTV, it provides good illumination in the darkness. However, since it's wavelength is still close to human's visible range, we can still notice a little red glow when looking at the IR LEDs.

940nm IR LED: it's more far from human's visible range compare to 850nm IR LED, so it can be totally invisible to human eyes and it's good for application like cover cameras. Also, it can be a good choice for remote control application. Since it's far away from visible light, it can avoid signal noise when pairing with 940nm IR receiver.

IR Illuminator Flashlight

Flashlight is still one of the best IR illuminators on the markets now. The most useful features of the IR flashlight are compact size, lightweight and easy everyday carrying for special personal use. IR flashlight manufacturer introduces a LED that is beyond the Visible Light spectrum of the human eye.

See in the Dark by NVG

If you were to have an Infrared(IR) flashlight and shine it in the darkness it would not be seen, unless you have a Night Vision/Infrared Equipment, also known as a Night Vision Device(NVD), or Night Vision Goggle (NVG), an electronic device that allow the wearer to see better when they are using a IR illuminator flashlight in the dark. This would allow you to see clearly in the dark without being exposed.

A man holding a working ir illuminator flashlight close to water.

Police and Military Tactical Use

The IR illuminator flashlight, together used with night vision goggles are often used for military or law enforcement tactical observation and actions. Thanks to the great hiddenness, the IR illuminator flashlight is often used by professional or recreational hunters, as many of whom buy them to attach to the top of their hunting rifles for wild animal searching, aiming and shooting in low-light environments.

Final Thought

There are many things to take into consideration when choosing the right IR Flashlight. First, you need to choose the flashlight with LED wavelength compatilble to your Night Vision Goggle (NVG), because NGV operate at different wavelengths. Most flashlight companies design IR flashlights between 730nm to 1200nm, and 850nm is the most on the market.

Cyansky Light designed and manufactured the long range IR illuminator flashlights —— K3-I8, featuring 850nm, 5000mW and 350 meters beam distance, powered by a 21700 Li-ion battery. Now we are having 10% discount for the IR flashlight, buy the IR flashlight now.

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